At your service

Nowadays, successful businesses need to be flexible, react to changes and quickly adapt to the ever altering market conditions. We would like to assist you there.

Über die Firma Metzler


  • Founded in 1990
  • Manager: Dietmar Metzler
  • More than 300 employees
  • 3 countries, 11 branches
  • Trained employees
  • Specialised in:
    • Local transport and long haul travel
    • Local supply
    • Bus traffic
    • Construction machinery
    • Abnormal loads and hazardous goods
    • Vehicle transfers

Our 300 drivers and engineers are always at your service. For short-term or long-term assignments, for local transport, long haul travel or bus traffic. For construction machinery, abnormal loads or hazardous goods transports.

Our clients are equipped with their own fleet of vehicles, but would like to remain independent with regard to the employment of staff. So, we deploy our drivers where they are actually needed. For our clients this means: more flexibility while running less of a risk.

We know the service we provide is great, because the demand is high and we are continually growing. Meanwhile, our network is spanning the entire German-speaking part of Europe. In addition to our headquarters in Mäder, we have another 11 branches in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.