Up-to-date knowledge

and skills

Up-to-date knowledge and skills
Qualitätssiegel Verkehrssicherheit

Constant and advanced training gives our drivers the security and confidence they need for their day to day work. Our clients’ needs act as our guideline – therefore, we frequently undertake training sessions in our clients’ vehicles and machines. At the safe driving training centre, our employees learn how to react in critical situations. We also set great value upon our HGV drivers’ economy training. By driving economically, our drivers help our clients save fuel and money. To ensure our clients are 100% happy with our drivers, our training programme also includes sessions on manners and good customer service.

The following aspects are important to us:
An extract from our training programme

  • Time management:
    efficient planning and good use of the day’s work time
  • Use of sat navs and maps
  • Communication:
    contact with clients and dispatchers
  • Vehicle care:
    cleanliness, control and maintenance
  • Practical exercises:
    e.g. mounting tyre chains or hitching and unhitching trailers
  • Statutory provisions:
    proper securing of the cargo, digital tachograph, papers (CMR)
  • External training sessions in cooperation with the driving centre: safe driving training, economy training